About Us

Cairns Amateur Radio Club provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which like minded people can meet and discuss topics of common interest about radio communications and electronics.

Our Mission

  • To promote amateur radio activities
  • To foster public interest and goodwill towards amateur radio
  • To promote social interaction between club members and members of like clubs
  • To maintain and operate common facilities for the members and others as the club sees fit
  • To provide a communication service in the interests of public safety when requested by the appropriate authority


Things that we do

Jamboree on the Air

We participate in the Queensland Scouts group’s Jamboree On The Air each year, providing communications equipment to contact other Scout Groups worldwide to teach the Scouts about voice communication, antenna setups and how to use the equipment for part of their training to be a Scout. We even teach them how to use morse code.

John Moyle Memorial Field Day

The contest is run each year in memory of the late John Moyle who was a long term editor of the Wireless Weekly, (later Radio & Hobbies – later Radio Television & Hobbies) from 1947 until his untimely death in 1960.

He served in the RAAF with distinction and was responsible for a number of innovative solutions to keeping radio and radar equipment working under difficult wartime and working conditions.

The WIA decided that a suitable long term memorial to John Moyle would be a Field Day with a focus on portable or field operation. The contest has been conducted annually ever since.

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend

This event is NOT a contest. There are no prizes, certificates or other enticements to participate and therefore, participation is free.

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

Cairns Amateur Radio Club is an advisor for the Local Disaster Management Group – Cairns Region, to provide backup communications if all other communications fail in the Cairns Region during an emergency.

World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio

World Wide Flora & Fauna in amateur radio, abbreviated as (WWFF), is an international amateur radio program, the purpose of which is to: ‘draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna, and to encourage the development of radio skills, especially in portable operations’.


Show and tell / Portable Field days at a park

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Local Repeaters

There are several repeaters in the Cairns and surrounding areas that can be use by all amateur radio operators.

VK4RCA 146.9500Mhz -0.600 offset FM located at Mt Haren

VK4RSB 147.2250Mhz -1.600 offset DMR and P25 located at Trinity Beach

VK4RSB 438.1000Mhz -7.000 offset FM  CTCSS 131.8 Allstar located Trinity Beach

VK4RHT 146.6750Mhz -0.600 offset FM CTCSS 123.0 located at Hann Tableland

VK4RPH 147.0625Mhz -1.600 offset FM located at Millaa Millaa

VK4RBK 438.9375Mhz -7.000 offset DMR located at Tolga

VK4RSD 146.8500Mhz -0.600 offset C4FM and FM connected to WIRES-X located at Malanda


Cairns Amateur Radio Club Nets

Cairns Amateur Radio Club ( CARC ) holds a net every Wednesday at 09:30 UTC on 3.604 MHz ( 7.30pm AEST) and every Sunday morning at 00:30 UTC on VK4RCA 146.950 MHz with a negative offset of 600kHz (10:30am AEST). Everybody is welcome to call in.